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Sometimes it's important to take a step back and evaluate how well you are set up to achieve the goals you've set.


Our client had an ambitious growth plan to meet and wanted to ensure that they were well setup to meet it. There were a wide variety of sales roles and a varying range of service performance across accounts.


The first step of this assignment was to benchmark the performance of the sales force to get a baseline for action. As a result of that benchmarking there followed some targeted training and coaching for the sales force and some team building events between the sales force and the rest of the organisation. Finally to motivate an overall restructure a company wide event was held to galvanise the workforce into adoption of the new approach.


There were fewer and clearer interactions between various parts of the company. Employee morale improved and client satisfaction went up. The client went on to win new accounts and renewed existing key account contracts.

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Our client comments

I have just landed a £2.6M project for their new data centre. I used everything I learnt, really understanding the key players, the foxes and the Nina’s ! Powerful stuff! I have not done this alone, I needed my bid team to perform and I needed my A Team to be delivering all the small project work we had picked up throughout the year, but I do feel a huge sense of personal achievement.

Helen Wilson

Director of Client Services


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