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Contract renewals are a normal part of sales life and are increasingly important in the current economic climate.


Our client was facing 15 renewals out of 45 clients over a sixth month period and they were the customers that accounted for 70% of revenue.


Ideally customer satisfaction is so high that contract renewal does not involve another tender process. Easier said than done but we had to start somewhere.

We used innovation workshops to drive increased customer satisfaction, ran service reviews with the client and aligned service and stales staff together. Understanding your client, their drivers and their view of you is an essential component of customer satisfaction. Then we took those outputs and developed winning propositions specifically designed for each campaign.

We put all that together in to a renewals campaign strategy that incorporated all that we had learnt and involved a significant PR effort too. Finally we delivered some specific training to enable the campaigns.


Our client successfully renewed 15 out of 15 accounts, gained the admiration of his peers and was recognised with promotion by the company executive.

Services Used


Independent client reviews


Skills & knowledge improvement



Renewal case video

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Our client comments

“People Achieving have a very specific methodology that helps you retain your customers”

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Sector Director


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