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Memorable events

When you have a significant event to sway a crucial group of people you must get it right first time. Events take a lot of investment not only financially but also in key executive time, attention as well as emotion. A typical sales event, in our experience, can distract each executive for up to a month prior to the event. It's important to get the most out possible return on that investment.

Often events creep up and then suddenly there is a panic to get everything ready, sometimes speakers come together from far and wide and inevitably last minute issues crop up that need to be promptly managed.

People Achieving provide the links that bring it all together and ensure that you get a big reward from all that investment. We link the speakers to each other, we link the speakers to your key messages and we link all that to the logistics to make it happen for you. We focus on your event allowing you to maintain focus or your day job. We can and do design, produce, host and facilitate anywhere on the globe.

Helping the Team

  • Clarifying and aligning your event outcomes
  • Coaching for confidence and competence
  • Facilitating group ideas
  • Connecting you to your audience
  • Overseeing and directing videos

Making it Happen

  • Creating impactful presentations – motivating & informing
  • Leveraging corporate material
  • Complementing internal best practice
  • Designing a rich multimedia experience
  • Logistics & production capability
  • Organise chat shows, awards ceremonies etc

On the Day

  • Event messaging – crucial to event success
  • Ensure smooth rehearsals, delivery & stagecraft
  • Compere, speak and run sessions
  • Add texture with ice breakers, group work and games
  • Follow up with feedback and maintaining momentum

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Event feedback

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Praise for our events

“the directors all appreciated your help in planning the logistics ahead of the event. You rightly picked up quickly that the organisation of some aspects of the event were inadequate and you galvanised us into action as a result of which it all came together on the day. Finally, I really appreciated your help in polishing up my own presentation which improved 100% as a result of your intervention. So, all I can add is that your contribution represented very good value for money and was much appreciated by all the directors of the company. As and when you see in the press that our turnover will have leaped to £125m you will know that you made a big contribution to help us to achieve it. ”

Peter Detre


Right For staff

“I was hoping to put an event together to convince a pretty cynical management team that we could make this company something special. This was my first conference as their leader and so it was also important that I personally made a mark and people understood my vision for the organisation. It was also a great opportunity for my new management team to have a platform to make an impact themselves. Your help in many areas was invaluable, firstly as a sounding board for my own ideas which you generally enhanced, secondly your creativity in helping bring together the videos and customer references and finally in personally coaching me in my own presentation. Every element was a huge success, it is the best feedback I have ever had from a conference and you are a major reason why that worked.”

Mark Kenealy

Managing Director

Getronics UK Ltd

Common issues

We find nine common issues of failure to get a YES from a client:

  • • Disjointed presentations
  • • Poor overall theming
  • • No compelling media
  • • Death by bullet point
  • • Logistics not aligned
  • • Ineffective use of time

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At an event

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Key aspects

Some of the key aspects we focus on when delivering memorable events for our clients are:

  • • Compelling messages
  • • Coordinated speakers
  • • Powerful media
  • • Supportive logistics
  • • Strong close
  • • Motivated audience
  • • Action happens

Our logistics partner

Just provide complete production management combined with state of the art technical support that ensures conference success for 20 – 1000 delegates. Their goal is to engage audiences on every level enabling the audience to leave the conference environment we create very focused and driven to act.

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