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Understanding a key account

With a major account renewal looming it's important to understand your strengths and weaknesses from a customer point of view.


Our client was facing a contract renewal on one of their top two customers and it was critical to really understand where they stood in the account.


Our client engaged us to provide an independent review of their service contract with their customer. We designed and delivered a five stage review as follows:-

Stage 1 – Planning Session – profiled the client, and the current contract.

Stage 2 – Customer Sponsorship – gained buy in, sponsorship and agreement on the interviewees.

Stage 3 – Client Interviews – carefully structured questions to understand what they liked, what they didn’t like and what they wanted to see change in all the areas of the service.

Stage 4 – Collated the information – the Good, Bad and the Ugly and the developed recommendations for change. We internally work shopped each item.

Stage 5 – Joint plan with the customer - from stage 4 we produced a presentation and document that outlined the action plan. A workshop with the client took place to agree objectives, actions and ongoing reviews.


Our client was able to put in place the actions required to retain the account and gained access to a key senior customer who provided the commercial insights that were also needed to win the renewal.

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Independent Client Reviews



Our client comments

“The review results led to significant improvements so that we were able to: improve service and innovate in the core account, understand key contractual areas of leverage, reorganise and align to our client organisation in a compelling way for them and us, get to significant players we had not met, improve our proposal approach and (last but not least) identified clear opportunities to cross and up sell more to develop the account.”

Helen Wilson

Director of Client Services


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