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Independent client reviews

It's very easy to take your eye off the ball with a client only to suddenly find a safe account under threat. Constantly understanding your key clients, their drivers and their view of you is essential — take your client for granted at your peril. Use our independent client when you are having issues with an account, when the account is approaching renewal or simply as a regular process that forms part of ongoing customer satisfaction.

Our independent client reviews provide a broad look at all aspects of a key client contract and because they are independent your clients will almost always provide a more candid response than they would to their provider.


The reviews cover and give improvement in:-

    • Key relationships at all levels
    • Commercial performance
    • Service delivery
    • Reporting (formal and informal)
    • Innovation perception & needs
    • Cross sell opportunities in the account

See how we helped gain insight into a key client

Review feedback

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Praise for our reviews

“Our two largest accounts, a major BPO player and a top three investment bank, were both at key stages in contract renewal. The independent client reviews immediately impressed the clients by our willingness to invest in the account and got us access to the top levels. The final joint planning session with the client delivered clear actions and the momentum to drive the accounts forward at a critical time for us. ”

Bob Cordwell

Client Director



Common issues

We often find repeating issues when called in to review our clients accounts:

  • • Cost cutting demands
  • • Complacent relationships
  • • Service difficulties
  • • Poor senior relationships
  • • Requests for “innovation”
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Key aspects

Some of the key aspects that make these reviews so successful with clients are that they:

  • • Are independent
  • • Demonstrate investment
  • • Use a systematic approach
  • • Are field proven
  • • Utilise senior interviewers
  • • Cover all key areas
  • • Drive action

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