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Kick starting a shrinking pipeline

When the pipeline is reducing and the sales force is not working as well as it should then it's time for a boost.


Our client was seeing key partner business volumes shrinking, white space not being systematically addressed and the combined sales forces not gelling together.


We developed a 4 step process to address the issue.

Step 1 - We segmented accounts in terms of strength of relationship, compelling need, perceptible budget, weak or little competition, and opportunity for quick win.

Step 2 - We mapped the existing relationships in the segmented accounts to identify the decision makers and all relationships that provided immediate or cross selling access to the decision maker.

Step 3 - Developed a credibility proposition for appointment creation with identified accounts that set the value of the solution and credibility of the partner relationship with the clear aim of getting in front of the decision makers.

Step 4 - Appointment generation using methods and scripts specifically targeted at the decision makers themselves, their PAs , their voicemail and email.


Now the pipeline is growing. Significant discussions have been started at exec level in clients and clear propositions are now in place for the sales force to articulate.

Services Used

Credibility propositions


Lead Generation

Our client comments

“Dave certainly knows how to deliver This was a rewarding investment. It was well worth it we need this kind of input from vendors. A lot of great ideas came out and this made it worthwhile from my perspective.”

Andrew Clough

Client Director

Our client


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