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Lead generation

Today, it's increasingly difficult to generate sales leads. C-level and other key decision makers face a barrage of “cold calls” and put up ever more thorough defences to avoid them. Given a call where low value is perceived plus an experience that can be tediously boring this attitude is understandable. Which all means that lead generation returns are getting lower and the investments required are higher — not great news for the Sales or Marketing Director.

We can tie lead generation to the other important parts of your sales and marketing process, your propositions, your recruitment and also your events. Lead generation as a stand alone initiative can fail to deliver because it does not align people, processes or different parts of the organisation. For example, connecting a product launch to lead generation, then to an event and finally to an organised follow up is often much more compelling for your clients.


The results of our lead generation are:-

    • Better leads
    • Consistent flow of quality leads into the pipeline
    • An expanded network for future use
    • Increasing awareness of your brand and your solutions

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Praise for Lead Generation

“far exceeded our expectations in terms of generating a higher than expected number of qualified sales appointments with key decision makers.”

Adrian Bullett

Head of Sales & Marketing

Eliot's Ltd

“Brought our sales and marketing lead generation together into one united force. They used a workshop with us to develop a convincing proposition and identify the right audience. They then delivered a high quality Lead Generation campaign which meant we received targeted qualified leads. They helped us to engage at the correct levels, clarify and articulate our propositions and qualify the opportunities effectively. The result was winning more new name accounts and our business grew by 31% which is why we continue to engage them”

Sales Director

“Because they only use seasoned sales professionals who are experts in opening up and developing customer relationships we have got exposure to senior contacts within some of the world’s largest organisations.”

Peter Kibble

International Sales Manager

ARTiSAN Software Tools

You can do it too

Lead generation is not just available through our services on specific situations it is also possible to train you and your staff. The training is for delegates who need to consistently generate a flow of well qualified leads.


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Common issues

The type of issues our clients face which suggest a renewed focus on lead generation are:

  • • Pipeline too small
  • • Poorly qualified leads
  • • Leads not followed up
  • • Not enough cross selling
  • • Some products not selling
  • • New product launch
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Key aspects

Key pieces that make our lead generation successful are:

  • • Aligned sales & marketing
  • • Credibility propositions
  • • Senior callers
  • • Focus on proven tactics

Our partners

Sales Factory specialise in new business development services, specifically the generation of sales leads and appointments in Commerce, particularly within the IT industry. They enable our clients to increase their sales pipelines and the effectiveness of their marketing activity.

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