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Action = Logic + Emotion

ALE certainly helps when you have to convince a room full of senior marketeers to act.


Our client had an event with an audience that included a global selection of CMOs. They were looking to to get a sales perspective on marketing especially web 2.0 and how it linked to demand generation.


Using benchmarking data and case study experience Dave highlighted three key areas and a list of activities where CMOs could add value to and work more closely with their sales divisions. Utilising powerful imagery match the strong messages ensured a memorable and actionable presentation.


We received great feedback from the event, were asked to join the CMO council and subsequently worked with one of the board members to provide further advice and consultancy.

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Praise for our training

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Our client comments

“Three years ago, David Sibley was challenged to produce the definitive blueprint of outstanding sales organisation in the 21st century. Working with leading chief executives, business schools and global entrepreneurs, he has now mapped out what successful organisations do on a consistent, repeatable and sustainable basis, and how they are structured to achieve it. David revealed his findings during his keynote, entitled "How to be a leading Sales Organisation in the 21st Century," at the European Summit. he demonstrated how Sales Effectiveness Benchmarking could change organisations, the makeup of their leadership teams and where sales and marketing could jointly work together to make it happen. This year we explored the real issues shaping the European market. Thus, we were delighted to have David speaking and delivering real value, especially given the relevance of his findings to the opportunity and the challenges our members face in the new landscape of Europe ”

Neil Cox

CMO Council Executive

Our client


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