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Motivational speaking

Just because someone can kick a football, catch a rugby ball or present a TV show doesn’t mean they can entertain, inform and motivate your own conference attendees. Great care must be taken when engaging a speaker as some just jump on the band wagon without any talent and at your expense. Inspirational speakers often give a warm message, usually based on a story of overcoming great obstacles to achieve an outcome of high emotion.

In contrast, as a motivational speaker, David Sibley will deliver a presentation that is more energetic in nature, with a desired outcome of dave sibley presentingmoving attendees to your required action. David has years of experience in speaking at events and in advising on the entire event process. He will guide you though the maze of issues to ensure that you get maximum impact and best value.

He will make sure that the he understands, agrees and can deliver to all the terms of your brief. You will have peace of mind knowing that David fully understands what is required and is fully prepared and ready to deliver a memorable presentation that will surpass your expectations.

On engaging David you will receive a full briefing with key information and advice on making sure your occasion really is memorable. To learn more about him see a mini biography here.

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What clients say

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Praise for our speaking

“Dave's presentation was extremely well received by our audience, and achieved two very positive goals; Firstly to greatly raise the general awareness of capabilities as a key Strategic. Partner, and secondly to give our Sales Force an insight into the key components and approach to successful Solution selling and Relationship building. Dave's presentation was a great insight and was very much enjoyed by the EMEA Team and highlighted the huge scope -ahead for our Partnership. ”

Rodger B. Dowdell, Jr.

President and CEO


“your own presentation coming at the end of the day stood out by its excellence of content and style of presentation. You could tell I am sure, that you held the attention of the 100 people in the room consistently. The clever use of humour also worked well and helped to communicate important messages about the new business process.”

Peter Detre


Right For staff

“Dave Sibley is a truly motivational speaker and an inspiring member of any strategic team. He has both the qualities to manage success in commerce, and the competencies to act as a great executive coach to commerce leaders”

Zoe Spicer

Director of HR, EMEA

Adobe Systems

Common issues

Some issues you might encounter with external speakers are:

  • • Big name lower ability
  • • Inspires just for moment
  • • Doesn't align with you
  • • Very significant expense
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Key aspects

Some of the key aspects that make David Sibley a successful motivational speaker are:

  • • Inspiring stage presence
  • • Credible experience
  • • Dovetails to your message
  • • Professional salesman
  • • Coach to others
  • • Professional musician

David in action

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More client feedback

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Connect to David

David uses LinkedIn extensively to network with everyone he deals with - clients, partners and prospective clients! See more about him and connect up by clicking the button below

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