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Almost all of us are better connected than we realise. The average sales person probably only works at a quarter of the real capacity of their network.


Our client was facing a situation where it was no longer enough to sell to their customer they needed to leverage opportunities to sell through them as well. The nature of their business was changing and they had to move with it they needed to reverse a business decline.


We ran a workshop that illustrated in practical ways how to leverage the networks of the sales team. We highlighted differences between the level of networking by their customer and by themselves. Starting with simple things such as physical and electronic address books, email and other contact history, we worked with our client to realise the network they never knew they had. Building from that base we then helped to leverage networking opportunities from meetings and events through to the electronic social networks, such as LinkedIn now available. There were new and old skills to be learned and applied together with expertise and knowledge in how to apply them best.


There's now network blog for our client and their customer. Our client's customer now understands the value that can be added and has engaged on more joint opportunities leading to a healthier pipeline that has reversed the decline in business.

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“a multi-layered operator who uses both fine-tuned business acumen but also emotionally intelligent resources that leave the competition standing. He is also great and entertaining company who will give you far more than he receives”

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