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Leveraging your networks

The relentless rise of social networking shows no sign of stopping any time soon. Relationships have always been a major factor in strong sales performance but now, as never before, the power of the network is there to be used or squandered.

We recently worked with a client who wanted to improve their relationships in their main customer. When we compared their networks to those of peers in their customer their peers were three times more connected and five times better referenced. It certainly pointed to a place for improvement!

Benefits of improved networking

    • Improved lead generation
    • Contact with more decision makers
    • More referrals
    • A broader range of references
    • Access to knowledge and guidance
    • Benchmark test new propositions
    • Manage politics more effectively
    • Makes renewals easier
    • Greatly increases up sell and cross sell opportunity
    • You really understand influencers in your accounts

We encourage you to use that network now to contact us and get networking!

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Networking quotes

“gave our sales force an insight into the key components of the approach to successful relationship building”

Rodger B. Dowdell, Jr.

President and CEO


“I've seen the benefit in the last 12 months in winning 13 new named customers, and increased share in 5 of my top accounts, all solutions at the heart of the business, and developed great senior relationships”

Regional Client Director



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Common issues

Issues that often come up that point to lack of active networking are:-

  • • Poor pipeline
  • • Complacent relationships
  • • Poor senior relationships
  • • Nasty surprises
  • • Too much guessing
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Key aspects

Some of the aspects that make our approach to networking a natural part of sales life are that we:

  • • Start where you are
  • • Build consistently
  • • Use the physical and virtual
  • • Help you learn the skills
  • • Push you to persevere

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