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“Partnering” is often followed by the word “relationship” and that's no accident. Relationships at many levels really make the difference in productive partnerships.


Our client was starting to lose traction in a key business partnership. Relationships weren't working as well as they could and business was suffering as a result.


We worked with the sales and service staff in our client to map out the key relationships that had to be renewed or started. We also mapped out some of the key value propositions that would be of interest to the partner.

With the relationships mapped and relevant propositions understood the next steps were planning and then executing a campaign that delivered the right propositions to the right people at all levels within the partner.

Finally we helped to ensure that the vital next step was taken of partner led campaigns to the end customer so that intention was turned into action.


As you can see from the delighted client quote on the right - new business wins for our client company were followed by promotion for the client himself. We were also advised that the relationship had progressed further in six weeks than it had over the previous year.

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Our client comments

“I am writing to you to thank you for all the work People Achieving have done for us over the past several months. You contributed greatly to create a great team atmosphere and you focused individuals through your coaching. This allowed us to make massive strides into our channel partner which was our objective for hiring you. We were very successful in the campaigns that you helped with regarding new business wins. We achieved all our targets thanks to your work. Since your involvement with us I have now been promoted”

Richard Pianta

Head of Sales - Central Government and System Integrators

Fujitsu Siemens Computers

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