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Partnering success

Although organisations use partnering extensively, many partnerships fail or fall short of expectations and struggle to rise above the results that can be achieved by simple single contract approaches. Such shortfalls often result from a traditional emphasis on making the deal rather than on managing partnership for the long term, the limited skill set that even experienced managers possess when it comes to true collaboration, and the sheer complexity of managing partnerships.


The benefits we achieve through high performing partnerships show in:

    • Increased sales
    • Higher return on your partnering investment
    • Development of key relationships at all levels
    • Synergies and evolution of the partnership
    • Optimal use of resources
    • Reduced risks
    • More innovation
    • Expanding business opportunities

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What partners say

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Praise for partnering

“I hired Dave to assist in the specific growth plans of our key Channel Partners. Dave's clear understanding of the industry and his exceptional ability to drill down on the core business issues that each individual partner faced, enabled significant growth in not just mind share between the two organisations but established key business propositions that enabled clear growth for the partner. I would recommend Dave and his Company to any business looking for a step change and a lead against their competitors.”

Malcolm Snelgrove

District Manager

EMC Computer Systems


“His ability to bring creative business thought process to the partnering function added significant value in the eyes of my client whilst retaining simplicity in engagement. His approach to the facilitation of relationships and the creation of true value propositions are second to none”

Chris Vick

Senior Account Lead


Common issues

Some of the issues we find when engaged to improve partnerships are:

  • • Restricted communication
  • • Few clear shared goals
  • • Stuck at certain levels
  • • Not win / win
  • • Poor team work
  • • Low trust and politics
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Key aspects

Some aspects of partnership relations that we focus on to ensure partnering success are to:

  • • Establish clear shared goals
  • • Demonstrate commitment
  • • Use a systematic approach
  • • Generate quick wins
  • • Build trust
  • • Establish key relationships
  • • Impartial approach

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