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Cover story of David Sibley on Sales Force Magazine

You believe in your products – but will the client’s board believe in you? Acting school can help

What to look for when dealing with a CIO

Another take on the working with the CIO

Some ideas on the right mindset

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An online web design directory

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Our thoughts on selling

We cast our net as far as we can to improve our understanding of all aspects of selling. We read a lot of books (see our reviews here) and we write a blog (read it here) which includes video interviews with a wide variety of people involved in buying and selling. We are always interested in the views of others so please also contact us and let us know what you think.

Links for your interest

In case you want to check out the blog for the Presentation Zen book opposite you can get to the presentation zen blog here

To get some great images at reasonable cost try iStockPhoto

For some thought provoking ideas on what might be on your clients mind try looking at the McKinsey Quarterly journal

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