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As another of our clients points out “Order taking and just knowing the Purchasing Manager is no longer good enough. What are the business Goals of the CEO, CFO, CIO. What are their Issues in getting there?”


Our client wanted a to create a more accurate and resilient pipeline with an improved win ratio. In order to accomplish that they needed to move their sales staff from a largely transactional to a more consultative sales approach.


We designed and delivered a bespoke sales training specifically directed at the issues our client faced and the underlying causes behind them.

It was delivered to 230 people over a one year period. It covered a consultative approach to selling. A sales methodology was developed that dovetailed to the CRM system. The sales cycle model was designed with the target account and solution set of the client in mind. Finally the CRM system was used as a benchmark to measure performance improvement.


The structured methodology provided a controlled way to develop white space business. Overlay specialists and the sales force worked consistently together with a common language. A shift was seen from transactional deals to account managed campaigns. Sales performance went from a 28% to over 40% win ratio.

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Praise for our training

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Our client comments

“the coaching and methodologies that David has taught our people has really achieved tangible results for us - we are now trading with 8 brand new clients”

Amir Klaus

Client Director


“Over the last 20 or so years I have brought in many and various external experts in order to provide training for members of my teams, and most of these have been very successful. None of them, however, have managed to make the training so contextual for the attendees, in such a way that made them feel that you completely understood where they were coming from and what their needs were”

Simon Oecken

Practice Director


Our client


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