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Improving your skill base

Ensuring your staff have the appropriate sales skills to deliver your objectives must be high on the agenda of any organization wishing to enable future growth and to succeed in the current economic landscape. Our work with clients and our benchmarking results show a variety of reasons why sales skills must constantly be kept current, for example:-

    • Sales targets being missed
    • Pipeline reducing
    • Staff turnover
    • New starter ramp up time
    • Number of staff not achieving target
    • Promotions and redeployments

All of these and more mean that training and coaching must be effectively planned for in a successful sales organisation.


People Achieving, using approaches detailed below, have driven significant results from field sales forces including:-

    • Taken a sales force performance from 28% win rate to over
          40% in 6 months
    • 15 out of 15 contractual renewals over an 18 month period
          by directly targeting the sales force with tools and training
    • Implementation of a structured campaign process enabling
          focused bid reviews and improved sales success rates
    • 14 new business account wins in 6 months using campaign
          tools and war rooms
    See how we helped a client improve the performance of their sales force.

Skills feedback

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Praise for skill building

“The course delivered without question the most value I have received in all the training I have had”

Richard Russell


“The switch between learning and doing meant that the attention was kept all the way through the two day session. This balance between listening, observing and doing was very effective, I did not witness any 'escapism' through lack of concentration. The learning obviously stuck”

Simon Oecken

Practice Director

Common issues

Over the course of time skills issues often arise in a sales force due to:-

  • • Staff turnover
  • • Organizational change
  • • New systems
  • • Drifting standards
  • • Focus on other priorities
  • • Shift from transaction sales
  • • Need for constant refresh
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Key aspects

Some of the key things that give our coaching and training impact are that we:-

  • • Are sales practitioners
  • • Instill global best practice
  • • Use a systematic approach
  • • Utilise senior managers
  • • Can cover all key areas
  • • We use live account issues
  • • Have 50 years experience
  • • Have a record of success
  • • Use proven learning styles

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