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Proposing sales success

What does the term “value proposition” mean to you? When we ask this question of sales and marketing professionals we get a huge variety of responses. Sometimes it's an “elevator pitch”, sometimes a generic description of a service and sometimes a sales proposal — it's never consistent. Yet, when used well, propositions form the basis for success in all parts of the sales process. From lead generation through to final presentation propositions provide the foundation upon which to build.

We distinguish a range of propositions to help get clarity for you and your clients. When considering the sales cycle the first step is to produce prospects - that is where the marketing proposition fits in. A marketing proposition is a message that gets attention and creates interest across a target market. It answers the question “Why should I pay attention?”

The next step is getting sales time in front of the prospect which is where the credibility proposition comes in. A message that makes a prospect willing to invest time with you. It answers the question “Why should I spend time with you?”

During that time with the prospect you come to understand their needs and then by combining those needs with your generic value proposition you can produce a specific sales proposition in the language of your prospect tailored to your prospect. It answers the question “Why should I spend money with you?”.


Our value proposition approach develops all the required components to address each of those questions together with some others that will be required for your company to not only increase revenue but also make the margins you want too.


We rarely find a stand alone need for proposition work but it often forms a critical part of a complete client solution. You can see two examples here and here

Proposition feedback

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Praise for propositions

“When you are meeting the CIO or CEO for the first time. Credibility is King”

David Taylor

Regional Client Director

“'I'd like to share with you the great news that we have been short listed for the Vista Design & Deployment Programme, covering the client design and deployment of 65,000 desktops and the packaging of 3,000 applications for an estimated £12M of revenue. We have made the down-select from 7 to 4 against very stiff competition and will be asked to present our proposed solution the week after next”

Craig Adams

Senior Sales Executive


“Order taking and just knowing the Purchasing Manager is no longer good enough. What are the business Goals of the CEO, CFO, CIO. What are their Issues in getting there. What Solutions can we offer, to take away these Issues, and show and commit to delivering real measurable benefits, in cost reduction or improved service, leading to greater profitability? Of course. the above can be marketing spin if you are not able to reference where we have done it before”

Client Director


Common issues

The issues often raised that point to weak propositions are:-

  • • Poor leads
  • • Inability to propose value
  • • “tea & buns” relationships
  • • Losing on price
  • • Need for “innovation”
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Key aspects

Some of the key aspects that make these propositions so successful are that they:

  • • Are outcome based
  • • Direct attention clearly
  • • Are client oriented
  • • Are field proven
  • • Cover all key areas

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