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A picture's worth 1,000 words

A personalised and professional video provides a powerful medium for message delivery to a wide and dispersed audience.


A documentary video was needed in order to communicate effectively the benefits of a new approach to a significant outsourcing contract.


The first step was to create a clear brief for the video, its goals, content and participants. We then supplied a two person crew which created footage according to the brief and interviewed key people when it was convenient for them.

Post production then took place at dedicated studios with proofing shown to the client on laptops and via DVD.

Once final approval was given physical duplication then went ahead.


The video was delivered to time and within budget. It video was used successfully to achieve the stated goals and was re purposed to get a maximum return on the investment in making it.

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Video production



Our client comments

“Please accept my thanks for the hard work that you (and others supporting you) have put into the production of the video. Having now watched the final version I can advise that we are both extremely impressed. I will shortly be looking to circulate the video to interested parties and I hope that this will allow others to see the advantages ”

Ian Pretty

Head of Policy and Strategy

Our client


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