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Creating powerful videos

Standard PowerPoint presentations can all look the same and become tedious especially over the course of a corporate event. There are a number of ways of addressing this (see our Achieving YES for another way) but the medium of video provides a superb way to communicate a message. These days customers increasingly expect to see video on your web site, or as part of an effective presentation.

People Achieving produce unique videos tailored for businesses and organizations that understand the power and value of the visual medium. People Achieving is dedicated to providing you with a personal and professional service to help you achieve your business objectives. Many of our clients are completely new to video production so we ensure their experience is interesting and rewarding. Based on a wealth of previous experience we always provide helpful suggestions and advice as a matter of course.

From simple single-operator to multi-camera shoots, we have the ability and creativity to produce the video you require whilst working within your budget. Because we are usually producing video as part of an overall assignment with you our videos become tightly aligned to the messages you want to portray and the results you want to get. There is no need to conduct a separate brief with the all the extra time and expense that takes. We can direct and so be responsible for the entire end to end process from brief through production to final delivery at an event.

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Praise for our videos

“I have observed his career as it has moved from music - a field in which David was highly successful as a musician - into information technology. That blend of musical understanding along with a keen visual eye has led him to produce some great videos and some excellent productions for corporate events. In my current role, I can only say that David's work is outstanding and that's why we consistently use him.”

Bob Moul

Director of Marketing


Common issues

Some issues we encounter with video production are:

  • • Creative but off message
  • • High budget
  • • High time demands
  • • look and feel of “amateur”
  • • Great visuals poor sound
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Key aspects

Some of the key things that we emphasise in our video production are:

  • • Alignment to message
  • • Cost effective
  • • Filming any time anywhere
  • • Blend of art and business
  • • Dedicated studios
  • • Broadcast quality staff

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