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Lose a battle but win the war

Winning new business is never easy but equipping yourself with key information from your target client can help tip the odds in your favour.


Our client was trying to gain a significant new client, had just lost a major bid and couldn't afford to lose many more. The client had only given minimal feedback and so there was a significant cost and risk involved in continuing to develop the account.


We conducted a win / loss review that was structured to drive out actions and to ensure continual progression in an account. The steps of the review were:-

Step 1 – Planning Session – this profiled the bid and the questions to be raised

Step 2 – Client Sponsorship – got buy in, sponsorship and agreement on the interviewees

Step 3 – Client Interviews – simply, what they liked, what they didn’t like and what won or what needed to change for you to win

Step 4 – Collated and presented the information – and the recommendations for account progression.


Our client understood better how to win in this new environment. Their end customer was impressed and invited our client to tender for business not considered before. Our client started won a further bid and gained a new customer.

Services Used

Win / Loss reviews



Our client comments

“The review results led to significant improvements so that we were able to improve and innovate, get to significant players we had not met, improve our proposal approach and (last but not least) identified clear opportunities to develop the account.”

Helen Wilson

Director of Client Services


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