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Win / Loss reviews

Our benchmarking results show that nearly 60% of companies need to improve their understanding of why they win and lose and less than 4% carried out independent reviews. Many companies only conduct sporadic internally based reviews and yet reviewing wins and losses presents a unique opportunity for an organization to improve sales performance. But they are useless if they only represent the salesperson's view of what went right or wrong - typically wins are due to the outstanding ability of the salesperson and losses are down to price.

Our approach provides a unique way to make sure you can thoroughly examine what happened on a campaign from the client perspective. We ensure that your win/loss reviews include the voice of the client as interviewed by a neutral third party. The insights might astound you and will certainly help you win more business. Examples of review feedback includes:-

    • Did not adhere to our decision making process
    • Ignored our expressed needs
    • Kept telling us how good they were instead of listening
    • Did not meet the right people
    • Relied too much on personal relationships
    • Presented standard unconvincing slides

We also have examples of loss reviews themselves leading to further business opportunities!

When used systematically over a period of time win / loss reviews also start to reveal patterns across your sales force and your range of solutions. Not only do you get insight into a particular salesperson but by aggregating the reviews you can see the need for intervention at the level of a sales group or even the entire sales force.


The reviews cover and give improvement in:-

    • Sales team performance
    • Commercial performance
    • Key relationships at all levels
    • Solution proposed
    • Other opportunities in the account

See how we helped convert a loss into further opportunity

Praise for our reviews

“The reviews immediately impressed the client by our willingness to invest in the account and got us access to the top levels”

Bob Cordwell

Client Director






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Common issues

Issues we often find that point to the use of win / loss reviews:

  • • Poor win ratio
  • • Win on relationship
  • • Lose on price
  • • Cannot repeat successes
  • • Too much guessing
  • • Too much ego involved

Key aspects

Some of the key aspects that make win / loss reviews so successful are that they:

  • • Are independent
  • • Are impartial
  • • Demonstrate commitment
  • • Use a systematic approach
  • • Are field proven
  • • Utilise senior interviewers
  • • Cover all key bid areas

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