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Global player wins key deal

When you've got to the final shortlist and the result hangs on a key presentation it's critical to stack the odds in your favour.


Our client was at short list stage for their largest ever european storage deal. A winning presentation was needed that strongly put across the key messages in a deal that was complex from both a technical and commercial perspective.


We coached the team intensively using our Achieving YES methodology. The key messages were honed down to the essential points ending with a presentation using just 30 precisely targeted slides to support the speakers.

The speakers were individually coached to put across those key messages and briefed to handle a Q&A session specifically designed to hit the known issues and potential objections. A critical element was aligning the speakers as a team with one consistent agenda.

Our end goal was to get the audience not only to agree with the messages at the point of delivery but also to remember the key points when they left to replay them in detail to key decision makers not present. You often don’t get all the decision makers in the room and therefore rely on others interpretations of your message.


Our client clinched the their largest european storage deal sealing significant revenue for the company. During the feedback on their win the customer CIO informed them that the final presentation had been crucial as all three bids were very close and their presentation clearly differentiated them from the others and in fact was the best presntation they had ever seen from IBM.

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Our client comments

“Extremely knowledgeable and creative in his approach and helped us enormously shape the presentation and extended our thinking to where we traditionally would have stayed”

Nick Woods

Client Systems Sales Manager

IBM United Kindom Ltd

“You have a clarity of vision that enables you to truly understand the impact that needs to be achieved by individuals and corporates. From this, your help in defining the message, the content and the format for creating this impact has been invaluable to me. Thank you very much for the time you have given me. ”

Neill Burton

IBM Program Executive


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