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When you've got to the final shortlist and the result hangs on a key presentation it's critical to stack the odds in your favour. Presentations are often your final opportunity to persuade a client before closing a deal. When you have just one annual event to sway a crucial group of people you must get it right first time. The amount of time required to develop a presentation is directly proportional to how high the stakes are.

Our Achieving YES methodology is a systematic way to do just that. We have a 100% success rate of coaching our customers to Achieve YES. This is across the IT industry and has amounted to $675 M worth of business won over 3 years. Our largest assignment was winning a $350M outsourcing contract in financial services. As well as using practical experience, our approach is also based upon some of the worlds best currently available thinking on presentations. Examples include:-

    • Bill Clinton’s personal coaches
    • Presentation Zen design for Steve Jobs’ Apple
    • Beyond Bullets structure for Microsoft
    • Al Gore's presentation approach

We leverage our conference business experience together with many years of coaching and watching C level presenters both succeeding and failing to get their messages across. We see thousands of slides presented every year which gives us a practical sense of what works and what doesn't. We are sales practitioners not just trainers or coaches so our training and coaching is totally focused on the real challenges you have to address on a daily basis.

On average 61% of presentations are lost yet there is a high cost associated with losing a bid at the final presentation stage and a big revenue upside opportunity. Applying our methodology will improve your win performance, your cost of sale and most importantly your sales revenue.

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Achieving YES feedback

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Praise for Achieving YES

“encouraged us to approach each presentation as an opportunity to stimulate dialogue and by so doing qualify the solution, and has shown us that through selective well sequenced content we can navigate the customer to a position of qualified agreement to proceed with the order”

Sales partner

IT managed service supplier

“in personally coaching me in my own presentation every element was a huge success, it is the best feedback I have ever had from a conference and you are a major reason why that worked”

Mark Kenealy

Managing Director

Getronics UK Ltd

“demonstrated he understood the brief to deliver an unusual sales message in an innovative manner ensuring maximum impact with a challenging client. It worked”

Kurt van den Eynden

Manager Strategic Alliances EMEA

Quest Software

“really appreciated your help in polishing up my own presentation which improved 100% as a result of your intervention”

Peter Detre



“a valuable commodity in the presentation of Information Technology Tender responses and computer services marketing as a whole”

Managing Director

Office service & repair company

“When we were given the opportunity to hold the event you came in at the last moment and pulled the whole thing together. We knew what we wanted to say and you knew how to map and plan the day. Your coaching was excellent”

UK Infrastructure Sales Manager

Large european reseller



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Nine common failures

We find nine common areas of failure to get a YES from a client:

  • • Poor structure
  • • Low level of stagecraft
  • • No compelling media
  • • Lack of evidence
  • • Death by bullet point
  • • “Winging it”
  • • Ineffective use of time
  • • Merely informing
  • • No Strong close

Achieving YES tips

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Key components

Some of the key components we focus on when Achieving YES for our clients are based on the nine common areas of failure above:

  • • Field proven structure
  • • Systematic stagecraft
  • • Compelling media
  • • Audience directed graphics
  • • Impactful propositions
  • • Result directed planning
  • • Action & emotion oriented
  • • Strong close
  • • Powerful Q&A

You can do it too!

Achieving YES is not just available through our coaching on specific situations it is also possible to train you and your staff. The Achieving YES training is for delegates who need to convince their audience to Achieve YES. This course is very differentiated from standard presentation courses as it focuses totally on Achieving YES outcomes from your clients.

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